Friday, May 19, 2006


While the Mailbox is thinking about how TV news lacks in news content compared to print, it is reminded of a kick-ass new song from Tool's "10,000 Days" called Vicarious. Read the lyrics
here. Go ahead, the Mailbox will wait.

Props to Tool for nailing American's addiction to violence on the head. But, the more interesting question: Do we keep track of news and current events simply for the bloodshed? The Mailbox thinks that explains TV's dominance in the newsworld.

It's often been said that TV news crews film live for the same reasons that a dog licks its balls: Because it can. 24-hour news channels will devote minute after minute to "breaking stories" with little news value. Ever since 9/11, it has been accepted to glue yourself to the TV news, watching every little detail, waiting for the next nugget of speculation or information.

The Mailbox thinks Americans have become addicted to the visceral visual. Though a picture is worth a thousand words, how many of those words are we interpreting correctly?

So Tool writes this song that almost mocks people for their displaced attention to current events. It's a deserved punch in the gut.

Ballsy, for an employee in the field of journalism to write this post. Is it the god-envy of journalists to circle news stories like starving vultures, grabbing each tidbit as though it were fresh carrion? Or is it some narcissism to be a news shepherd to the sheep populus, changing the world by controlling which pastures (news stories) we graze in (read/watch)? And it's not that you are wrong, nor Tool. It's simply that while we should all be ashamed of ourselves, how many of us really are? Sensational news stories are better than reality TV.
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