Tuesday, June 17, 2008


While we're waiting for wedding pictures, let me get around to something I've been meaning to post for a few weeks. The Season 4 finale... wow. Really. Wow. The show went above and beyond with the way it provided answers during the last few weeks. Especially refreshing was how Jack found out about his relation to Claire, and Aaron. Spoken loudly during that part: "Oh! That's why he's acting like an asshat!" Also, the reason Ben was wearing a coat in the desert. The way the Oceanic 6 bumped into Penny was a little too convenient, but that hokeyness was more than made up for by the rest of the episode. Christian Shephard appearing by the explosives to Michael was weird. And when the island disappeared... wow.

TLP, once again, called it correctly: Locke was in the coffin. I thought it was funny how alternate shots of Desmond and Sawyer were filmed, just in case. That makes me wonder how spiteful the producers would be, if some spoilersport (yes, Grammarphile, I just made up a word! Contact Urban Dictionary!) revealed the Locke ending.

But we got Locke. Which means that we know what to expect from the final two seasons of Lost:
~ Locke gets off the island and croaks.
~ Before croaking, Locke leads the others around. Hopefully, during these travels, we'll get to see the temple and some explanation of that four-toed statue.
~ A showdown between Widmore and Ben, which may involve the death of Penny and the pissing-off of Desmond. Rage may ensue.
~ The two-timeline presentation can continue, only instead of past-present, we will likely get present-future.

There's still a lot of questions to be answered, and I'm ticked off that I have to wait almost a year to get some answers. Which brings me to my gripe, in the form of a question: Does anyone on this planet know of a radio that can function deep underground to a boat several miles off the coast? I don't, either. Unless someone corrects me, that means that the ship should have sploded (another made-up word, Grammarphile! Don't be hatin') as soon as Keamy went underground to the orchid station. Keamy, you recall, was the mercenary leader who had the transmitter rigged to go off if his heartbeat ever stopped.

Another gripe: The island heals people. Why did the producers explain away Keamy's first death with a bulletproof vest? It would have been so much cooler if he would have been healed.

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Monday, June 16, 2008


I have no excuse for waiting more than a month to post.

Wait a second... I have a ton of excuses. I just got married. I just got a promotion. I've been working with a bunch of bright high-school students. I've been blogging on the wedding blog. I've been working on my writing. So please forgive me, and enjoy these bullet points:

~ I am now the proud husband of a hottie redhead, and the proud stepfather of two incredible boys, who are living with us permanently. The kids are great. The 8-year-old is energetic yet well-behaved, and so cute he has to be breaking some kind of law. The 16-year-old is responsible, funny, self-motivated and incredibly intelligent. Let me put it this way: I never thought I'd be the kind of dad who works on cars, and I never thought I would love it so much. And all y'all know how I feel about their mom, TLP. Best thing I ever did was to marry her.

~ I am now Assistant Features Editor at the Globe. One of my new duties is to guide the Globe's Youth Editorial Board. And those nine kids have been awesome. We've tackled some controversial issues already, such as random drug tests and MAP tests being replaced with end-of-course exams.

~ Since I haven't been blogging as much lately, check out this guy, who has been. He does what I sometimes wish I could do: Make fun of certain letter writers. Go get 'em, Johnny.

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