Thursday, May 01, 2008


It's not that I haven't been keeping up with the eighth and ninth episodes of season four. "Meet Kevin Johnson" was kind of bland, but not gripe-worthy. "The Shape of Things to Come" had some huge WTF moments, such as Alex getting killed and Ben releasing a second smoke monster (more on that below). But nothing gripe-worthy. Which makes me feel bad for tonight's episode, "Something Nice Back Home." It was one of the best episodes we've seen in a while because, as TLP says, it got back to the paranormal, mystical curiosities and human emotions that make the show so compelling. Yet, it features a moment of head-slapping idiocy that makes my stomach churn.

I'm not talking about how Jack wanted to be awake through his appendicitis surgery. Though that is, indeed, a brilliant display of dumbassitude, it's true to Jack's character. I'm talking about when he's looking at the X-rays, then hears a beep. He goes out to investigate, and it turns out to be a home fire alarm.

That's right. This modern doctor's clinic, with assumedly modern fire suppression features and security system, relies on Black and Decker to provide a chirp in the event of sudden smoke. The alarm was a gimmick to get Jack out of his office to see his father. I know there was recently a writer's strike, so that means there's doubly no excuse for such a lame prop. The writers couldn't have thought of a better way to get Jack out? The beeping could have been a security monitor, a lost cell phone, anything. Instead, it's a fire alarm one could find in a mobile home. Crikey.

Now that the gripe is out of the way, let's add to what we know:
~ Christian Shepard is likely alive, because Claire saw him and called him Dad. Also, Christian was holding Aaron. However, Miles' confirmation isn't much of a confirmation, because he can see the dead.
~ Faraday is up to something. He seems to be getting more comfortable.
~ Because of storm warnings in the KODE viewing area, we couldn't read the translations of Sun and Jin's conversation.
Maybe Kate's secret mission is related to Sawyer's daughter. Remember that Kate received help from Cassidy Phillips to find her mom. Cassidy is the mother of Sawyer's daughter, Clementine.
~ Credit the best find to TLP: Sawyer is not in the coffin.

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