Sunday, November 06, 2005


The Mailbox has never seen a case of NIMBY like this.

Volunteers with the Christian County Animal Shelter earned a major portion of progress when Rufus Church, owner of Heritage Chrysler Jeep, donated an acre of land near his lot. That acre would be used to build a new county animal shelter.

WHOOP...wait. Seems a riverwalk is planned for that same acre.

The group was recently successful in achieving the 501(c)3 non-profit status from the government, but before it can finalize plans on a building, the land on the southeast corner of 10th and West Hall streets, must be rezoned from C-4, central business district, to general commercial, C-2. And, according to City Planner Steve Childers, that might be difficult.

"Based on the comments from the public, everyone agrees there should be a humane shelter somewhere in Christian County, but that particular property isn't properly zoned for a kennel nor does it fit into the future planning and rehabilitation of the downtown such as a river walk," he said.

According to information from City Administrator Colling Quigley, the river walk is slated for completion in less than a year. The Ozark Parks and Recreation Department was successful in securing a grant for the trail.

So, does Ozark vote for a shelter or a'gin' it?

The shelter's board has a fair representation of Nixa residents and officials. If Ozark votes in favor of the trail, does Nixa step forward?

You ask "If Ozark votes in favor of the trail, does Nixa step forward?"


Does Nixa go to the dogs?

Sorry. Couldn't resist.
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