Thursday, November 24, 2005


Man, remember that bad ol' Bill Gates and Microsoft? Screwed software developers, chip-makers and powerful companies alike. Now, all in the computer world bow before him--even Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple (you know that Apple logo, with the bite off the side? As much as the Mailbox loves Macs, it must contend that the bite represents Apple's market share.).

Google, on the other hand. Great bunch of guys. Changing the world, benefitting good causes and being good neighbors, right?

Um, wrong. Wired News details how Google has gone "from a guerilla start-up to an 800-pound gorilla." The Internet is interested in developing productivity software, e-commerce avenues, an operating system, classifieds, video and audio databases and--one of the scariest propositions for writers--a searchable book database. So much for copyright protection if that happens.

Is Google getting too big for its britches? The Mailbox likes the idea of a Google OS, if for no other reason than to see what cute pictures pop up during holidays.

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