Wednesday, November 02, 2005


The world has now been exposed to R. Kelly's latest chapter of his urban opera "Trapped in the Closet." The Mailbox is not sure that the world is better for it.

The Mailbox is pretty sure that Dream Theater would never have written about Rosie the Nosy Neighbor. Twon out of prison gets shot? A cop that writes a ticket to a man, yet having an affair with the man's wife? A preacher having a gay affair behind the back of his cheating wife? Cop's wife baking a cherry pie, hiding a cigar smoking dude in her pantry? R. Kelly singing in a country accent? The only things R. HASN'T thrown in his story are golden showers and sex with minors.

The Mailbox needs to listen to "Metropolis Part 2: Scenes From A Memory" until this steaming pile of hideous storytelling is purged.

Right on Joe... I wasn't too suprised by his comment at the show especially after the "President Bush" comment... I can't say it any better then you did... I bought the right to sing along.
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