Friday, November 04, 2005


The Mailbox knows all about bad calls in sporting events, and how upsetting they can be to fans.

But this is ridiculous:
Rep. Jeff Roorda, D-Barnhart, is one of many St. Louis Cardinals fans who thinks umpires killed any chances of the Cards going on to the World Series during the NLCS. After stewing over two blown calls—by Phil Cuzzi in Game 4 against the Astros and Greg Gibson in Game 6—he has proposed a law for the 2006 session which would add major league sports officials to Missouri's Athletes and Entertainers tax.

"With one bad call, Gibson killed a Cardinal rally potentially ending the Cards’ season and closing the curtains on Busch Stadium with fans wondering ‘what could’ve been’ were it not for horrible calls by the umps,"
Roorda said in a press release. "If umps and other on-field officials are going to make bad calls that end the season for Missouri sports fans and athletes, potentially costing the state millions of dollars in tourism revenue, then they should pay the same tax that the athletes who are victimized by their bad calls pay."

Sheesh. The Mailbox knows that St. Louis is ticked about losing to their rival Astros, but this is ridiculous. Weren't there at least two other games that the Cards could have won?

The so-called Cuzzi-Gibson Act would group refs and umps in the same tax status as The Baldknobbers and the Kansas City Chiefs. Revenue would fund cultural activities such as the Missouri Arts Council, the Missouri Humanities Council, the Missouri State Library Networking Funds, the state’s PBS stations, and the Missouri Historic Preservation Fund.

How ironic: A ref at a MSU football game would be taxed to fund KSMU.

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