Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Unless the Mailbox gets a blog, of course.

Welcome, friends. Regular readers of the Nixa News-Enterprise and Christian County Headliner News recognize the Mailbox for what it is: A nebulous, collective consciousness that soaks in news, pop culture, sports, media, government, hypocrisy, hilarity and any other random bit that's floating out there. The Mailbox has a big memory. The downside is that the Mailbox doesn't have that filter between the brain and the mouth. Not that the Mailbox has a mouth, per se.

The mouth is me: Joe Hadsall. MoJoe, to those who know. I'm just the court reporter, folks. The Mailbox is the judge, jury and hotshot attorney ready to make it with Annabeth Chase.

We all knew the Mailbox couldn't be contained. Wanna get this blog? Just picture The Mailbox on a slam poetry stage making fun of the audience. Freestyle Mailbox, dig. So, let's have some fun. You'll read rants from the print edition and a whole lot more. You will find a new Mailbox entry every once-whenever-it-feels-like posting. Cool? Cool.

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