Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Forgive us, Blogosphere, for the Mailbox has sinned. It has been nine days since it's last posting. What has it been doing? Um, not much...

Listening to new music: Check out Liquid Tension Experiment: Comprised of three Dream Theater members (John Petrucci, Mike Portnoy and Jordan Rudess) and Tony Levin of King Crimson (playing a Chapman could make the Mailbox happy by buying it one for Christmas). This is what happens when four incredible rock musicians freeflow and jam. It's like jazz with balls. Also, check out Coheed and Cambria's new one. This takes the Mailbox back to days when it used to listen to Rush, Yes and Marillion while other bourgeoisie cochons were dancing to MC Hammer and Paula Abdul.

Reading: Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell. Susanna Clarke's first novel is pretty compelling, once you get past the deliberate typos. It's a story of two magicians in 1800s England—this book is like Harry Potter for more literate adults. Not that the Mailbox is dissin' Harry, man.

Watching: Lost and Firefly. Lost speaks for itself, once you get past the whole "why is the fat guy still fat" thing. Don't be afraid of not knowing the past episodes—each one starts off with the necessary recaps so that you get everything. As for Firefly; sadly, this show is long cancelled. The Mailbox doesn't know why. It's funny, exciting and a completely believable interpretation of the future. Anyone who works in the words "gorram," "rutting" or any Mandarain curses into casual conversation gets bonus points with the Mailbox. A good introduction to this TV show is a movie: Serenity. Watch it. You won't be disappointed.

Writing: Some fiction. They say every good journalist has a story in them, and that's where it should stay. MoJoe is ignoring that sage advice and writing about fake things. He also realizes that Suzann Ledbetter is right: Fiction has to make more sense than real life. Unfair concept. Regardless, some fiction will get posted somewhere on the 'Net in the near future.

Pondering: What love is. You'll find out what we come up with on Feb. 15. Here's a couple of hints. It ain't this guy. Or these guys.

Dr. Strange and Mr. Norrell? Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell more like ;)
Um, yeah. Um, THAT'S what it says. Really...

Thanks for the catch. I've got the book right frickin' here in front of me, and I goofed it. D'oh...
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