Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Not very far, says the NFL.

MoJoe, official stenographer of the Mailbox, was born in New Orleans and is a diehard Saints fan. Watching Katrina on TV was heart-breaking and gut-wrenching. But watching the Saints play football is just absolutely sick.

Since Katrina demolished the Crescent City and the Superdome--home field of the New Orleans Saints--the black and gold has been the NFL's homeless vagabonds. They had a home game in New Jersey against the Giants. They have three home games in San Antonio and four in Baton Rouge. Before Katrina hit, however, team owner Tom Benson was flirting with the idea of packing up the Saints and marching over to San Antonio, or L.A., or even worse--Biloxi.

Talks of post-Katrina locations for the Saints has left fans with nausea and anger, especially with Benson talking to San Antonio's mayor about future possibilities. That's like bringing in the new girlfriend while the wife is in a coma. The NFL has put much of this speculation to rest, now. Well, kind of...NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue said that he wants to see the Saints stay in Louisiana. Not New Orleans, necessarily. Just Louisiana. At least Tagliabue is quashing the rumor of moving the Saints to Los Angeles. Crikey: If the Rams and Raiders couldn't make it in L.A., how would the Saints?

Nevertheless, the Mailbox thinks it is sad that Tag' had to do what Benson didn't have the stones to do: Make a promise about a location. The Saints are one of the best things about New Orleans. Take that away, you take away a lot of the heart of New Orleans residents. The Mailbox thinks Benson is a good owner: He has shelled out some major cash to keep Joe Horn and Deuce McAllister. But if he were to move the team, Saints-fan would say there would be a special place in hell. However, if Benson were to invest in New Orleans' reconstruction, then N'awliners would advocate sainthood for him.

Hm. Just noticed this blog was created on All Saints Day. Whodat?!

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