Saturday, December 10, 2005


And two Russians are trying to bring more beautiful queens to the game of kings. They have started a beauty contest for female chess players and are trying to bring more hot women to the game.

All for the glamour, co-organizer Vladislav Tkachiev said. He is a grandmaster of the game, and he's tired of people thinking that chess is played by stodgy old guys in the park.

"They think that it is only a game for those who are quite inactive and unattractive and aged. It is simply not true. This is a very democratic game for anyone. There are a lot of attractive people, whether female or male. We decided to show this side of chess."

This is bad news for most chess players, who the Mailbox thinks are
somewhat awkward around the fairer sex. It's also bad news for feminist-minded people who will observe more women heralded for their knockout looks, while their inferior talents are ignored.

Besides, women can completely pwn men when they use their wiles. They are doing so in poker, long considered a gentleman's game. How else could Jennifer Tilly have won a World Series of Poker Ladies' Tournament? Heads up men: Time to start thinking of women as equal competitors.

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