Thursday, January 05, 2006


As if the play of the Saints wasn't offensive enough during last Sunday's finale at Raymond James Stadium against divisional rival Tampa Bay. During halftime, the team offended home fans with the song selection for the cheerleaders.

"The first song that I hear is 'Rock You Like a Hurricane' by The Scorpions and I thought to myself, 'Is it me, or is this just totally out of place and inappropriate?'"

That was Bob Corry, a Bucs fan talking to WTSP reporters. He wrote the team asking for an apology, saying the song didn't represent the feelings of many other Bucs fans at the game. New Orleans has, of course, suffered through hurricane Katrina, so the distastefulness should have been as obvious as, oh, a category-5 hurricane.

The Mailbox thinks it's most amazing that NO ONE FROM NEW ORLEANS NOTICED. The Mailbox is searching for something—anything—from a ticked-off Whodat. Nuttin'.

The Bucs' fans are usually pretty loud and obnoxious, qualities that are earned after suffering through years of creamsicle-colored disaster that makes the Saints' history look Pro-Bowlish. The team's Web site takes games a step further by showing little Flash animations dissing the opposing team before games.

But, you're telling the Mailbox that John DeShazier of the New Orleans Times-Picayune, Jim Henderson of the New Orleans Saints Radio Network or any other crazy Saints fan, is so distracted that they didn't notice this? If so, then Satan is downstairs asking if anyone else feels a draft.

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