Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Forgive the post-drought, folks. Been a crazy Christmas around Fair Delee (yes, the official home of the Mailbox has a name. Maybe it'll tell the story one day...). In the meantime, 2006 is shaping up to be an interesting year. The Mailbox may be four days late, but it's not too late to join the noise of everyone else making predictions for the new year. What the hey...let's start this go-se:

~ Christian County won't elect a single Democrat. But, it will elect a Presiding Commissioner from Nixa.

~ The New Orleans Saints will not make the playoffs. But they will play a majority--if not all--of home games in the Superdome.

~ Democrats will gain seats in the U.S. Congress. Republicans will begin to distance themselves from Bush in droves, starting a schism between fundamentalists and financialists.

~ A major challenge to the theory of evolution will appear, but neither preacher nor creation-scienist will be the author. It will be another scientist. And his/her theory will drive extreme Christians even more nuts than evolution.

Lost will end its second season with a tremendous story change, but its third season will send the show spiraling down toward the TV graveyard. Meanwhile, Joss Whedon will announce a sequel to Serenity.

~ Sluggy Freelance will gain nationwide popularity through VH1, leading to a surge of interest in the art of web comics. Scott Kurtz and Krahulik/Holkins will have a pay-per-view Nerf weapons cage match, but you'll have to read three pages of news posts to understand the action.

~ VH1 will run a new series, "I Love the Naughts (or "Zips," as this decade is called by Wired)" featuring snarky comments from washed-up comedians about bling and punk boy bands. MTV will consider showing videos again, but forget about it and show us more stupid college co-ed dating shows. Jon Stewart will call out, rip a new one on, and eventually get cancelled, the O'Reilly Factor.

~ Dave Chapelle will bust on people.

~ Two big box retailers will announce plans to build in Nixa, but one will be right outside city limits, prompting Nixa to start an annexation move. None will develop in Ozark.

~ Joe Hadsall will appear on a certain TV show, leading many to believe he has the looks for print media.

Happy New Year, y'all...

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