Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Let the gossip cease. Brad's gonna be a dad.

The Springfield News-Leader has confirmed a report from People Magazine that Angelina Jolie is pregnant with Brad Pitt's baby. Brad's brother Doug set the record straight, saying that Jolie and Brad are "ecstatic," and he hopes that the press just leaves the couple alone.

Angelina has been in Springfield already to meet with the Pitt family, less than a year after Pitt divorced former wife Jennifer Aniston. Of course, we will see Brad and Angelina around town as much as we saw Brad and Jennifer.

A morsel of juicy henpeckery told to the Mailbox: Jennifer hated it here in Missouri. A local chef once served dinner to the former couple and reported that Jenn was a control freak—ordering entrees for Brad, fussing over him like a child and laying out his agenda for him in a bossy manner. "She looked like she hated to be attached to this area," they said. Here's hoping Angelina is a little more friendly.

The Mailbox wishes its congratulations to the new parents, and really hopes for a sequel to Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

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