Wednesday, January 11, 2006


A brief intro: The Mailbox is hopelessly hooked on Lost. The Mailbox loves the show. Ergo, considering how we treat the ones we love (you know, get nitpicky, wish they were a little bit better, that kind of thing), the Mailbox will bring you a new gripe with each episode. Starting with this week's episode, which ended not 15 minutes ago:

#1: Lost Revelation. This whole show is the Mailbox's gripe. We get two hours of Lost tonight, but one hour is nothing but recaps? After showing us reruns since November? Just show us a second gorram episode! We know what has been going on, cuz we've been talking about nothing but!

#2: Eko's past. During the flashback, we learn that he was a stone cold Nigerian gangsta trying to get heroin out of the country. He commandeers a plane and dresses up as a priest, thanks to his brother's (who is a priest) help. Before takeoff, Eko's brother comes running up, telling him not to go. Eko figures out his brother turned snitch. Long story short, Eko gets surrounded by soliders while his brother gets on the plane.

The Mailbox's gripe: The soldiers that surrounded Eko ask, "Are you OK, priest?" These same soldiers are the ones that took the tip from his brother! They didn't remember what he looked like? The Mailbox is willing to suspend disbelief, but not for that steaming pile of flubbery.

The monster was cool. But what the heck is Claire's problem?

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