Wednesday, January 25, 2006


In tonight's episode, we learn why Liam went to Australia and that he demolished Charlie's sense of family, leaving him alone with a drug habit. Through his past, we learned why Charlie feels so attached to Aaron and Claire--they were the closest thing he's had to a family for a while, and when Claire ends it, Charlie goes a little nutters (as they say across the pond). Charlie's secret stash of heroin is seized by Locke (who is getting strangely righteous) and stashed in the gun safe. Only Locke knows the combination.

The Mailbox's gripe: Why keep the heroin around, anyway? If Locke is so concerned about Charlie's drug use, it makes more sense to destroy it. Throw the angel dust in the fire Charlie started. Maybe Locke needs some smack of his own after smacking Charlie around?

Tonight's episode does get two serious props, however: Hurley called the tail-section survivors "Tailies" and Libby made a crack about the modern-looking washer and dryer. Fans have been writing about those anachronistic appliances and using that nickname for weeks. The producers must be reading the official Lost theory board, eh?

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