Thursday, January 26, 2006


In a stunning display of researching the obvious, MU has released a news report releasing the results of a psychological study. The results found by MU professor David Geary, you ask? Poor chicks dig good-looking rich guys for flings. Didn't see that coming, did you?

The findings show that the most preferred characteristic in a long-term mate was commitment, followed by kindness, intelligence and looks. For short-term mates, the most preferred characteristic was looks, followed by money and kindness. The women who focused more on a short-term mate’s money were more poorly educated, more likely to require government financial assistance and had more children.

“For the women in the study, a long-term mate’s status was not as important as is found in more affluent samples, perhaps because few potential mates with status are available, and a significant subset of the women assessed in the study appeared to view short-term mating relationships as a means to secure money and not ‘good genes,’” Geary said.

Researchers sampled 460 women, located with the help of Kanye West pointing out gold diggers. The women completed a mate preference survey, placing their own priority on values such as looks, money, status, commitment, intelligence and kindness.

The study was important to do because of findings that have shown men place high emphasis on looks in women, while women traditionally trade looks for status and resources. Geary's study, in the long run, really doesn't do much except tell us what guys have really known for years. What's puzzling is why Geary focused on just low-income women. By doing that, his study doesn't look like it's clarifying stereotypes as much as creating them.

The Mailbox can't wait for the results of MU's next study, which is expected to tell us that rain is comprised mainly of water.

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