Friday, January 20, 2006


If a bill proposed by Rep. Mark Wright, R-Springfield, passes then all Missouri Div. 1 teams in the NCAA would be required to play each other once a year.

"It's all about rivalries," Wright said. "The in-state and cross-town rivalries are what makes sports what it is, so let's get it going."

Whoa there, Marky. Universities have no problem finding rivalries. And requiring universities to play each other makes scheduling a lot more difficult.

The Mailbox is pretty sure why Mizzou opposed Mo. State's name change—UM can't beat Kansas or Kansas State, so they don't want a THIRD area team whipping their butts regularly. That's as it may be, these teams will play each other when the time is right. Let's not waste our legislative time passing a law that will take care of itself.

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