Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Filming for the first episode of Street Talk went pretty well. Click that there link for air times and more details. Christian County residents: It should be on cable channel 6 or 3.

I had fun doing it and thank creators Rondavis and Doc Larry. The conversation was pretty interesting: A lot of it dealt with the role of media and public records, as it relates to the shooting incident at Hotel 7 and the release of the victims' names. Host Ron Davis led Vincent David Jericho and me through. The discussion is pretty compelling. Not sure I agree with Jericho's take, however.

I have never listened to his show. I do know he organized a counter-protest to a war protest last year. I have heard "liberals" decry him for being a staunch "conservative"--you know the role; evil, friendly to "big business," hates minorities, whatever wide brushes liberals use to paint their pictures of conservatives. On the air and off during the process, I met a genuinely friendly guy who didn't try to shove his views down my throat. In fact, we were able to discuss several things openly and honestly. Short version: He's a good guy who believes what he believes. I didn't talk to a conservative--I talked to Vincent David Jericho.

I don't think he was betrayed, however. For the most part, I thought it was a conversation. We tackled some tough aspects about the media. I took hits for being too nice to governments, since I'm the editor of a small-town weekly (which, admittedly, is not the same thing as being called a racist). Rondavis was my boss at 417 Magazine, back in that mag's good ol' days. I know Ron and his unique skill at provoking people, at finding their most sacred beliefs and shedding them in a different light. The lesson it taught me was that it is important to be able to discuss and defend your morals and beliefs when they are spun 180 degrees and thrown in your face.

To be fair: I may feel differently once I actually see the episode air. I just hope they edited out my dumb response to who's going to win the Super Bowl.

Mr. Joe!

Richard Davis here, also from those ol' Radio 2000 days. Don't know if my bro Ron told you, but I'm living back up in north Missouri in Marceline (and I'll throw in the pitch that it's the boyhood hometown of Walt Disney). Glad to see you've got a blog as well. Check mine out if you get time at

SOunds like you're moving up in the world--editor of the Nixa paper, eh? Pretty rad. Drop me a line when you get time and we'll catch up. L8rs!
Um, we don't "film" much of anything any more. We tape, shoot, record. But we don't "film." I know, silly buzz-kill. Far too many print journalists use this inappropriate term, which is now used by far too many television journalists (who really ought to know better), and of course Mr. and Mrs. America (and all the ships at sea).

I'm afraid if you can't get the terminology right, we'll have to make you look bad on the next show. Careful, or the Chatter guy will ambush you.
Richard: Good to hear from you! Long time no see. You're gonna have to keep your evil brother more in line, what with him breaking hearts and making people cry...

Doc Larry: OK, I won't use "film" as a TV-related verb anymore...the Mailbox stands corrected. But if you use "over" instead of "more than," or the redundant "you've got," then it's on.

What, Ron make people cry? Nah...but on second thought. LOL. He has a gift to delve into people and see what makes them tick and then use it to incite lively conversation. If some don't liek it, oh, well. They shouldn't engage in the banter.
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