Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Rerun. That's the gripe.

During the last episode, the island dwellers found themselves in a difficult situation. Jack goes on an expedition to find Michael, only to get surrounded by the Others and discover their numbers are downright intimidating. Charlie goes nutters and gets all weird about Claire and baby Aaron. Jack and Ana-Lucia are getting close to hooking up. So are Kate and Sawyer. And Hurley and Libby (although Libby is suspicious--the Mailbox thinks she knew Hurley from the institution. That whole bit about stepping on her foot? BS). To answer all this mounting drama, we get a rerun from season 1.

Yes, yes...the Mailbox is not so naive as to not account for sweeps week a'comin'. Granted, it's a decent episode, which tells the story of those weird numbers and what kind of bad luck they brought the large lottery winner. But STILL! A frickin' RERUN?! And the News-Leader called tonight's episode a must-see? Whatever. The producers have already taken a six-week break, and followed it up with an hour-long recap. Maybe they wouldn't have to waste our time if they took less breaks. This season started in September, for crying out loud.

24 can spit out constant episodes in a season. Whatsamatta, ABC? Filming in Hawaii slow you down?

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