Tuesday, April 25, 2006


When models go retro, it's usually a good thing. But the Jasper County Sheriff's Department is getting so nostalgic you'll think you've taken a wrong turn to Silver Dollar City.

The department is getting new uniforms as part of a recent tax increase approved by voters. They ain't going with a metro look, like Greene County or Christian. They're goin' Ol' West, podna. Tan shirt, coordinating trousers, flat-heel boots and Western hats. No word on spurs or chaps.

Sheriff Archie Dunn is a big fan of the Ol' West. But it was his staff that approved the change, he told the Joplin Globe:

"We put the whole thing to a vote and brought in sample uniforms that people could look at," he said. "Everyone is really excited about getting them."

More than $60,000 will be spent on the new unis; $2,032 for the hats alone. Dunn said that the expense was necessary, since the department is growing and many of the current uniforms don't match each other.

The Mailbox thinks that if a law enforcement agency is going to spend cash from a recent tax increase on new uniforms, then the public ought to have a say. Then again, this look would probably win with Ozarkers. The Mailbox hopes Nixa police chief Bruce Belin won't be jealous of the new look...we understand he knows a thing or two about cowboys.

Come on, it takes the threat of a tax increase or some widely-disputed issue to get the voting 8-10% of the registered voters to head for the ballot box... you think anyone would've shown up to voice an opinion had they presented it to the people?
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