Friday, April 14, 2006


One thing my Mac-loving friends regretfully accept is the wack behavior of their Mac's beloved creator. Steve Jobs is legendary for secretive behavior, strange Nazi-ish edicts about Easter eggs and absolutely anal about marketing and copyrights.

Apparently, the company is so uptight that it can't take suggestions from a third grader.

A third grade girl received a nasty letter from Apple's lawyers after she sent in a letter suggesting improvements to the iPod nano. Apple responded with a terse dismissal about not suggesting product improvements. The girl then "ran to her bedrood to hide." Shit...who wouldn't? The Mailbox once freaked out over having to enter in its iTunes code to buy a song a second time.

ANYWAY...Apple has since apologized for the incident.

Say what you want about the evil Bill Gates; he never laid the smack down on a little girl. Although, the Mailbox is not POSITIVE... (thanks a lot, Paula)

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