Wednesday, April 19, 2006


That doesn't matter to some, who love their dogs. Yet, other pit bull owners are getting chafed by a new law in Springfield which requires the dogs to be registered, at a cost of $50 per year. In addition to microchips and muzzles, a pit bull owner could be in the doghouse "after paying for everything.

The Mailbox has two questions:

1. Aren't there other dangerous dogs that should be included in this ordinance, such as Rottweilers, Dobermann Pinschers and any other dog that is mistreated by its owner? Not so sure that the attacks justified this sort of law.

2. Are pit bull owners talking a little TOO loudly about how sweet their adorable puppies are? There's a reason people get pit bulls: They make great guard dogs. If people really wanted a sweet dog, they'd get a collie.

I think all dogs should be registered, but 50 bucks per year is excessive.

And I have a Doberman that is the sweetest animal I've ever met. I was against the pit bull specific ordinance, and would be on any breed.
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