Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Memo to Chatter's Ron Davis: Two posts in a month? THAT is a paucity of posts, my friend.

Forgive the Mailbox...it has been getting used to its new digs. MoJoe now works for the Joplin Globe at the design desk. It's a great opportunity at a daily newspaper, and a good one at that. It's a nighttime gig, so the Mailbox has been getting its biorhythms and schedules all realigned. That means more posts to this here blog, tho', so that's good news.

Also, the Mailbox is digging some new gadgets: Namely, a new computer and a new iPod. The old beast is gone...the Mailbox, when not sneaking a post from the G5 at the former job, was forced to exist in a piece o' crap PC with a 333 mHz processor and only 256 megs of RAM. Now, the Mailbox has gone from a hoopty to a Viper: A Gateway GT4010. No dual core processor here, but it does have an AMD Athlon clockin' at 2.2 ghz, a gig o' RAM and enough hard drive space to last me until the next time I decide to upgrade the ol' 'lectric typewriter.

Betwixt the commute from Nixa to Joplin, the new 30 gig fifth-gen iPod is helping the trip go by much more easily. It's a black one. Holds all my Dream Theater and Joe Satriani. What's engraved on the back? Wouldn't you like to know. And the Mailbox quite agrees with Momus about his concept of hell.

Soon, the Mailbox will be packing up its Nixa digs and moving 'em somewheres around Jasper County. Until then, it'll be posting and griping right here through the morning hours. Tell your friends.

Congrats on the new job, the new place, and the new 'puter.

I will enjoy reading your posts again.
Thanks for reading. Good to see a fellow Lost fan...someone else I can complain to.

Congrats! That's a great opportunity at the Globe. I know you will do well there.

It's amazing how that iPod makes life so much more enjoyable, huh? Greatest gadget ever. Do you listen to any podcasts? They're great if you have to drive. I don't listen to a ton of them, but if our interests intersect like I think they would, I'd recommend the 1UP Yours podcast at 1up.com and On the Media (NPR's weekly media criticism show).
Thanks for the props. So far, it's a great group of people over there. Once I get past my revulsion of Times New Roman, it's a great paper.

As far as podcasts, hells yeah. It's awesome having Strong Bad E-mails available at the touch of a click-wheel. Not that I can watch those, of course. I also have some of the Street Talks. I'll check out those recommendations of yours...thanks!
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