Thursday, April 13, 2006


The Mailbox is a little behind the times, here. Because of the new job, it can't watch "Lost" at its normal time. Not knowing what to do, the Mailbox frantically investigated expensive TiVo and digital cable options. Then, while driving home listening to Joe Satriani on the iPod, it occurred to the Mailbox that episodes are $1.99 each on iTunes.

Disaster averted. The Mailbox is downloading the newest episode as it types. Meanwhile, let's go back a couple of episodes:

"Lockdown": The ABC ads say five things will happen that will change everything. OK, we have 1.) the pile of food mysteriously showing up, 2.) discovery of the balloon, 3.) the lockdown in the hatch, 4.) the secret map visible on the blast door only in UV light and 5.) proof that Henry is one of the Others.

The Mailbox's gripe: A pallet full of food is dropped by parachute on the island. NO ONE HEARS THE PLANE? That's the one thing they've been listening for since day #1! Side gripe to ABC: How, exactly, did those five things change anything?

"Dave": This episode is great simply because of Hurley kicking Sawyer's ass. But throughout the episode, we are led to wonder whether Dave is real or not. Throughout the show, this has been a common concept: Jack and his dad, Kate and the horse, the polar bear, etc. The island has the power to make hallucinations real.

The Mailbox's gripe: When the doctor in the mental ward reveals that Dave is imaginary, it's treated like a "big revelation" with music, cut to commercial and everything. Talk about a no-shit-Sherlock moment. Do the producers think viewers are dumbasses? What was our first clue Dave wasn't real...when he first showed up at the pile of food wearing a perfectly clean bathrobe and slippers?

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