Thursday, April 13, 2006


Again, much love to iTunes for getting the Mailbox caught up quick-like.

This week we learn about Bernard and Rose, what Eko and Charlie are building, that Locke is losing his faith in the island a bit and that Jack is a stone cold badass shooter. When getting caught in a net with Kate (rrrRowr, by the way), he shoots the rope holding them up with one shot. DAMN.

The Mailbox's gripe: How long has Jack been this good with a gun? Seems like his skills could have been used a lot better. He coulda shot Ethan Rom way before Charlie. He coulda put Locke back in his wheelchair. He coulda kept the survivors much better stocked with boar before finding the hatch.

Maybe he's been taking some lessons with AnaLucia that we haven't seen.

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