Wednesday, May 24, 2006


The Nixa News-Enterprise reported last week that Nixa aldermen would hold a special meeting Tuesday to determine, among other things, whether the city should hold an election to determine residents' views on a smoking ban.

During the meeting, they decided not to. The News-Leader's coverage on the Web inexplicably has a picture of a car wreck. It's not a bad metaphoric coincidince. One restaurant owner walks out, another is escorted out. The board goes in several different directions discussing an election, then a survey in utility bills.

The Mailbox thinks the board ultimately made the right decision. This issue is squarely on the shoulders of the aldermen...they had no business trying to pass it on to the people. Especially since the results of an election would have been non-binding, anyway. These kind of issues are why we have aldermen and why we live in a representative republic. Putting an issue to the people is a sign of not having a strong feeling one way or another.

Now, Nixa awaits its aldermen to have real courage and pass a smoking ban. The fact of the matter: Last year the board voted 4-2 against it, but an alderman and the mayor said that if they could not hold a public vote, they would switch their votes--meaning a 3-3 vote, mayor breaks the tie yes. A day later, the city finds out such an election would be non-binding.

So, why is there no ban? How many more people have to get lung cancer?

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