Monday, May 01, 2006


Hallelujah. My team got it right.

The Houston Texans surprised the world by taking defensive end Mario Williams in the first round of the 2006 NFL draft. Shocking, because everyone thought the Texans would take Reggie Bush, the most highly-ranked college player to come along in a while. The New Orleans Saints did the right thing by scooping him up with the No. 2 pick.

The Mailbox believes that, by taking Williams instead of Bush, Houston has now become the all-time leader in charitable donations to New Orleans. As a diehard Saints fan, the Mailbox has looked for something--ANYTHING--to get hyped up about. And this is it.

By the looks of things, Bush is a big boost to a city that loves its football, and thought it was going to lose it after Katrina. This Times-Pic story tells it best: Bush is being hailed as a conquering hero, and the boy hasn't even worn the black and gold for a practice yet. Even Deuce McAllister, one of the fans' favorites (for good reason; he's a class guy) is excited about the pick.

And so is the Mailbox. Brees at QB, healthy Joe Horn, Beerman and Deuce, new coach, improving Donte Stallworth and Jammal Brown. Now add Reggie Bush (a backfield with Deuce and Bush? Times-Pic hed writers are chomping at the bit) and a revitalized fan base and the Mailbox is predicting a banner year. Maybe an NFC-banner winning year. This pick totally eliminates all the bad mojo from the Ricky Williams pick.

However, these are the Saints we are talking about. So, the Mailbox offers two bits to calm down all the Yatta-like irrational exuberance the Black and Gold nation is feeling:

1. Bush has not yet signed a contract. If he is a walk-out, then all this feel-good mojo will get sucked down like a hurricane during Mardi Gras. However, owner Tom Benson has a good history of shelling out cash for worthy players.

2. Problems on defense are still not fully addressed. Still no shut down corners, still no aggressive defensive ends. The Saints may STILL have to score 35 points a game to win.

Alright, now that the negatives are out there...


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