Thursday, May 11, 2006


Winter is coming...only three more shows of Lost until the cliff-hanging season finale shocks, amazes and pisses us off. By the end of the season, the Mailbox predicts that Locke will have gone to find the Others to talk to them, Jack will have gone to find the Others to start putting bullet holes in them, Michael will get busted and confronted, Kate and Sawyer will bump uglies, Charlie will do something that makes him look like the best guy in the world and Claire will scream at something.

But, in the a gripe to get out.

In "?", we learn what the mysterious question mark on the UV map is. Locke finally loses faith in the magic of the island, only to pass it on to Eko. But before that, we see Jack point a gun at Sawyer, asking for the guns. In broad daylight. Then we see Jack and Sawyer walking to the hatch, after Locke spills the beans about AnaLucia, holding torches in the dark. Then, when Sawyer goes to get the heroin, it's broad daylight. WTF?

The Mailbox's gripe: There is no way it took all night for Jack to ask for the heroin. This has gotta be a production flub. And when it's obvious enough for the Mailbox--forgiving soul that it is--to notice, then dag, yo. That's a bad flub.

However, the producers have made up for it by updating the Hanso Foundation's Web site. No more broken links and simple's fully interactive. Who the hell is Persephone? And what's up with that gorilla's shadow? Creepy. The commercial was pretty slick, too, although iTunes users don't get to see it during the show. Dammit.

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