Friday, May 19, 2006


This week our suspicion's about Michael are confirmed. He is definitely under the influence of the Others. We also learn what Michael did (and what was done to him) while he was gone on his solo mission to bring back his boy.

The Mailbox's gripe has nothing to do with Michael. It has to do with that computer. What the hell is up with the fonts?

When Michael got the first computer message from Walt, it was in Palatino. The second message, when Walt gave him directions, was set in Times. When anyone else put in the code for the timer, the numbers were set in a blocky terminal font similar to Apple's Charcoal. But when Eko punches them in, they look more like an OCR-type sans serif, much slimmer.

It's stupid, really. That old-ass computer shouldn't have more than one font on it. Instead, it's looking more like Microsoft Office. Be like a newspaper, producers: Pick one and stick with it!

This post reminds me a bit of the Star Wars fanatics that know the serial number of the trash bin Luke, Hans, and Leia escape through. Or any number of Trekkies' stories at various cons.
But doesn't the fact that the computer shows different fonts for different people add to the mystery of the island, and what's happening? I think the changing fonts are intentional.
Interesting theory, but it doesn't account for Walt's font change between the two different conversations.

UNLESS... of those conversations wasn't Walt.
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