Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Remember the last time you were at Harpo's or Fox and Hound and you saw a bunch of people surrounding a Golden Tee or NFL Blitz coin-op video game? Imagine a bunch of liberal, PETA-belonging NYC hipsters acting the same way over a deer hunting video game.

Of course, it's happening. Apparently, they love themselves some Big Buck Hunter Pro. You know, the game you see in Wal-Mart foyers not being played, the screen fuzzy and burned from years of not being played? They love that stuff up there.

The best quote in the above-linked story comes from the editor of a hunting magazine asked about whether he thinks the game will draw more "urban hunters" to the real-world woods with their Remingtons:

"I thank god they are doing it in a bar," said Russell Thornberry, Editor in Chief of Buckmasters Whitetail Magazine in Montgomery, Ala. "I'm not sure I'd want them hunting anywhere near where I was hunting. They'd be a danger to me and the deer."

The Mailbox wonders if the reverse is true: Would rednecks in an Oklahoma truck stop go nuts over The Sims: Nightlife?

And by the way, here is the best hunting video game ever.

Big Buck Hunter ... no such thing as a bad day to hunt!
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