Saturday, July 22, 2006


The Mailbox rules this blog with an iron hand...most of the time. Sometimes it has to hibernate, and that's when Joe -- me -- gets to write.

You'll notice some changes to the blog...I added some blogging brothers and sisters that I regularly read. Diversions are still there. The most important part was to take out that bit about how I'd update daily...THAT was funny. A few notes about some of the "Official Friends of the Mailbox":

FYI: The Mailbox does not choose friends based on politics.

ANYWAY...I just can't get a hang of this new work schedule. Don't get me wrong; I love the new job. I work with a bunch of intelligent, witty, sardonic people doing something I love. I hear all kinds of stories about Rep. Gary Nodler. And I work only blocks away from Fred & Red's.

The only part that sucks is the 80-minute drive there, and the other 80-minute drive back. It sucks away my energy, quite literally. I've gotten to where I go to bed when I hear the birds chirping. But I don't get enough sleep because my house is on the market, and people come over pretty much whenever they want. That's a whole other "personal-life invasion" entry. Throw in wanting to spend as much time with The Lovely Paula, playing Pirates CSG and writing, and there's just too much to do. I haven't been bored for months now. Ever heard of someone having too many outlets for their creativity?

Anyway, I'm always thinking about how to make the blog better (at least before 417 Pundit decides to pick on me). The Mailbox isn't going away anytime soon, though we never hear from it much anymore. Some upcoming changes include additions to the Diversions & Distractions and more of my fiction work. Maybe, one of these days, I'll get and REALLY clean this place up.

Soon, Chez MoJoe will be somewhere in the 64802 and I'll have more time to devote to creative enterprises. Life after divorce is pretty frickin' sweet. All y'all who visit here, thanks for keeping up. And to my fellow Springfield bloggers: Can we have the get-together on a Monday night sometime, please? I really wanna see/meet y'all!

That's all for now...I have to build TLP a 100-point kick ass fleet for this Sunday's tournament.


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