Tuesday, July 11, 2006


It's been a while since the Mailbox has spit out anything about the state of the Saints. Quick recap:

~ Superdome reconstruction is ahead of schedule.

~ Pre-season optimism levels are higher than usual.

Despite the lack of a signed contract for their #2 draft pick Reggie Bush, uncertainty about their quarterback's injured shoulder and getting picked to finish last in the division, warm-fuzziness abounds. Maybe it's getting a little too thick: The New Orleans Times Picayune is saying that Reggie Bush should already be rookie of the year.

First of all, no one is more critical/pessimistic/realistic about the Saints than the Times-Pic (except for its Saints' Forum participants). Second of all, there has never been more uncertainty about the team in the last few seasons. New coach, quarterback and high-profile college running back...look how well the last one worked out.

To be fair: There are 136,000 reasons the Times-Pic is calling for Bush's sainthood. The man hasn't signed a contract and he's already negotiated $136K in donations for area charities. He has also quickly accepted the area as his new home and done much to become part of the community.

Let's all back off the Reggie love for a while. No one is more excited to see him play in the black and gold than the Mailbox (which will be in Tennessee to watch him and Vince Young in the preseason. Woot!). But the heightened affection will drop faster than presidential approval ratings when Bush can't agree to a contract with the Saints. Let's wait for the man to score a couple of TDs before proclaiming him a saint.

I'm a random visitor; the google term "reggie bush" "rookie of the year" eventually took me here.

I agree with you. The Bush lovefest is flat-out prepostorous (sp?). it's especially bad that I feel this way as a Saints fan myself. le sigh. we'll see.
Glad Google pointed you my way. I'm no Saints suck-up, but I'm no doom-and-gloomer, either, unlike those guys on the NOLA.com Saints forum. Once the season gets under way, I'll be posting more Black and Gold blurbs.

I also scored tickets to the preseason game in Nashville. Reggie Bush and Vince Young...woot!
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