Tuesday, August 08, 2006


A few notes about the primary election:

~ In Jasper County, The Joplin Globe reports that Jasper County Presiding Commissioner Chuck Surface won't serve next term. John Bartosh beat him in Tuesday's primary by more than 900 votes, 3,949-3,010. James Spradling came in second with 3,298 votes. Did voters respond to Surface getting pulled over for a DWI earlier this month? Or is this more of a public showing of support for Sheriff Archie Dunn, long at odds with Surface?

~ In Christian County, voters decided that status quo was just fine: John Grubaugh won the primary race over Tom Chudomelka and Glenn Scott. Scott got the election scenario he's always wanted: A bunch of Ozark candidates to split up the Ozark votes. Too bad the Nixa voters let him down. Remember this, Christian County: Grubaugh has presided over a county for the last four years, and it still does not have residential building codes. Progressive he ain't. Though Scott has a reputation for being a bull-headed, stubborn, incindiary character, he was the best choice for the Republicans. Yeah, it's his way or the highway, but Christian County needed his way to get out of its degenerative, non-progressive funk.

~ Also in Christian County: Ozark voters approved a 1/2-cent sales tax for their parks and stormwater, 1,174 to 851. But in more progressive Nixa, voters turned down a 1/4-cent sales tax for their parks and stormwater, including a municipal cemetery. This is an odd role reversal that defies explanation, save for the fact that a certain flammable issue may have ignited public opinion against the city. Heck even Chadwick got a levy increase out of their voters. What's happening in Nixa?

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