Monday, September 11, 2006


Just when the Mailbox is basking in the audial goodness of Dream Theater's Score, it finds out that Rush is putting out a new album, according to Billboard. It should be out in the first part of 2007.

The Mailbox has rediscovered Rush recently, especially Hold Your Fire and Permanent Waves (those two albums alone made high school survivable). Though they have eschewed their more proggy sound over the years, they have continued to make great music, doing whatever they feel like doing.

Hopefully, Rush will feel like doing some more proggy, epic songs. The Mailbox is not going to argue that their technicality, proficiency and complexity haven't waned since Signals. But sheesh...Geddy can only do so much at a time! The Mailbox dug the Show of Hands phase of their music. Though Vapor Trails, their 2002 release, wasn't a masterpiece, it was pretty cool. And the CD liner notes have tarot cards in them.

ANYWAY...can't wait.

And if you haven't seen Score from Dream Theater yet, for crikey's sake watch it! It's like Metallica's S&M. Except good.

And remember, Joe: If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.
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