Thursday, October 26, 2006


Wow. The Mailbox doesn’t remember a time when a political ad has garnered such backlash.

Of course, the Mailbox is talking about the Michael J. Fox ad about embryonic stem cell research, in which he urges a vote against Jim Talent for his opposition. There’s also a response ad, featuring several other stars.

Rush Limbaugh acted like Rush Limbaugh and said that Fox exaggerated his condition for politics. Joplin Globe columnist Mike Pound says it best about Limbaugh. Bill O’Reilly took a similar path, completely ignoring Rush’s comments and featuring a debate about whether Fox was out of line.

All this hype clouds the embryonic stem cell issue, which was cloudy enough, since people generally don’t like to think about scientific details. The issue has become fodder for moral ministers and ideologues. As the News-Leader pointed out, there are legitimate reasons to vote against Amendment 2.

But now, if Amendment 2 suffers a defeat, it endangers stem cell research and emboldens its religious, zealous, technophobe opponents to further force their morality upon the public.

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