Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Another casualty of the Mailbox not posting often enough: 417pundit was outed.

In case you haven’t clicked on the link to the right, 417pundit claims to expose ignorance of Springfield-area bloggers thorugh his learned and erudite manners. In the 417pundit’s dictionary, the entry for ignorance must include “inability to spell,” since a good majority of its site concentrated on grammar errors instead of political commentary and exposing the more-commonly known form of ignorance.

The Mailbox first caught the outing from the Snarling Marmot, who pointed out the outing on Curbstone Critic. Head typist John Stone on Oct. 4 said he would raise a toast to the man who duped everyone by playing 417pundit:

Doc Larry of Lost Chord.

Cheers and huzzahs were to fill the room during the blogger’s get-together Oct. 17. Since the Mailbox has a night job in Joplin, it had no prayer of making last night’s meeting. The Mailbox hasn’t seen any entries on other Springblogger’s sites, and Doc Larry hasn’t addressed the allegation yet.

That means the Mailbox can, in the spirit of Tony Snow, neither confirm nor deny that Doc Larry is 417pundit.

417pundit’s site, while appearing mean-spirited and anal on the surface, started out interestingly enough. Its first entry announced a monitoring of us Springfield-area bloggers and how it was sick and tired of “errors, illogical thinking and contradictions.” At the very least, the 417pundit experiment reminded us of our obligation to be good community journalists. But it devolved into a gossip-fest of hurt feelings and pointless commentary. Which leaves the question: What is the point of 417pundit’s blog? To stop taking ourselves so seriously? To thicken our skins?

To stop anthropomorphizing a mailbox and speak for ourselves?

ANYWAY... is it really Doc? Still not sure over here... In the meantime, the Mailbox is thinking it will have to start a night where Joplin bloggers can get together. Maybe Randy Turner will come...

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