Monday, October 09, 2006


Finally, Lost has returned for another season. It's a good thing it took so long, because so much happened at the end of season two that it took a while for the Mailbox to catch up. To recap all the WTF moments:

~ Locke thought the Dharma Initiative monitored the button-pushing stations as a psychological experiment. At the "?" station, they found all those notebooks and bank-teller tubes. But then Jack, Sawyer, Michael, Kate and Hurley walk by a pile of the tubes, meaning all that psychological monitoring was a waste. Or, Dharma hasn't bothered to pick it up yet. WTF?

~ The Others capture Jack, Sawyer, Kate and Hurley with Michael's help. Then they let Hurley go, to tell everyone else? Kind of a waste...WTF?

~ Desmond was responsible for the plane crash. But that bright light and humming when he triggered the failsafe device...WTF? And the Others seemed totally unfazed by it. WTF again?

~ Michael, before he and Walt leave the island, ask the Others, "Who are you?" Henry replies, "We're the good guys." WTF?

Now to the gripe. In "A Tale of Two Cities," we see how the Others live, and it ain't all that bad. A little suburbia without a nearby city. They have a book club, and can even get their hands on Stephen King books. We see how easily Henry gave orders for Ethan Rom and Goodwin to assimilate themselves (and we see how easily those two accept the mission). We finally see where the three captives are being held. We find out Henry's real name: Ben. And Juliette doesn't like him much. They have a zoo (or what used to be one, anyway).

And that's about it.

DAMMIT! The Mailbox waited an entire summer to get some answers from questions in season two! It realizes that this kind of dragging things out is Lost's modus operandi: The beginning of season two stretched out one moment over three episodes and three points of view. The Mailbox should have known that season three would provide the same experience. We still have to see what happens to Sayid, Jin and Sun on the boat, where Michael and Walt end up, how the Losties are doing without the hatch, if Desmond really died and how Locke is beating himself up before we find out anything else about Dharma and the island's unique, disease-curing magnetic properties. And there was a monster loose on the island, dammit! What about that?

The ultimate answers won't be revealed until the show approaches the end, of course. In the meantime, the opener just gave us more questions.

Side note: The Mailbox has discovered the Lost Wiki. You should too.

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