Sunday, October 29, 2006


Oy vey. As much as the Others are torturing Jack, Sawyer and Kate, they are torturing Lost viewers with their outright cruelty and complete lack of justification. These episodes are flat out painful to watch.

For the record, there is NO FREAKING WAY there is a second island. The Losties have been over a whole lot of that beachfront. The plane fell apart over the Others' quaint village, and two of the Others went to intercept immediately. And Sayid, Jin and Sun had access to a boat and sailed across a good portion of the island's coastline without seeing a second island. Most likely conclusion: They're messing with's the only way to take the fight out of him. As Benry said, "The only way to gain a con man's respect is to con him."

But that's not the Mailbox's gripe. Before their hike across the island, the Others claimed to put a pacemaker in Sawyer's ticker, which would make his heart explode if he reached a heart rate of 140 beats per minute. Afterwards, he's sitting in his cell, watching Kate get naked (the Mailbox believes the proper spelling of that word should be nekkid). Heart rate goes up, which we hear thanks to the handy dandy monitor the Others thoughtfully provided. Realizing the danger, Sawyer hatches a brilliant plan to lower his heart rate by looking away and dousing himself with water. It works, because we immediately hear his heart rate go down.


The Mailbox doesn't think that was the warmest of water. Chilly at worst, tepid at best. And that is going to encourage the growth of goose bumps (or, as Jack, official father of the Mailbox, used to say: It would be a titty-bit nipply). Sure as hell ain't gonna slow an already fast-beating heart.

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Um, has the Mailbox ever heard the phrase "take a cold shower?"
While a cold shower can stop one from thinking about sex, the Mailbox is not so sure it would lower a heart beat so quickly. The Mailbox's medical veracity, based on years of browsing through and screaming, "THAT'S what's wrong with me!" is unparalleled.
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