Friday, October 20, 2006


A reminder: Because of the night job, the Mailbox doesn’t get a chance to watch Lost until it appears on iTunes, so that’s why these official gripes appear two days late. And if you haven’t gotten lost in the Wiki yet, the Mailbox highly recommends it. That site writes show summaries much better.

~ In “The Glass Ballerina,” Sayid, Jin and Sun try to track down Kate, Jack and Sawyer by setting a trap for the Others. Doesn’t work out too well; Sun pops a cap in Colleen’s stomach. We find out that Sun is really good at lying and keeping secrets. We also see Sawyer and Kate in hard labor, and Sawyer plants a big one on Kate (finally). The episode ends with Ben making an offer to Jack: Help with something and he gets to go home. To prove that the Others have access to the outside world, Ben shows Jack a tape of the 2004 World Series where Boston beats St. Louis -- significant because Jack’s father always said the Red Sox would never win the World Series.

The Mailbox’s gripe: Of all the things that Ben could have put on the tape that shows connection to the outside world, he chooses the World Series? That implies that the Others know a whole heck of a lot about Jack. That’s way out implies pre-selection of the plane passengers by the Others. But that’s not possible, because Desmond is the one that caused the crash, and Ben and the Others were genuinely surprised to see the plane breaking up in the sky. For Ben to know about Jack’s father’s predilection of Boston’s losing prospects is just too far out there.

~ In “Further Instructions,” Locke rescues Eko from a polar bear (who is probably just sad because he doesn’t get any more fish biscuits), Hurley makes it back to the beach and Desmond does his best Scott Stapp impersonation (link NSFW, but hilarious: “Babies come from my SACK!”). As Charlie and Locke struggle with Eko, two new faces --Paulo and Nikki -- burst out of a tent to assist.

The Mailbox’s gripe: Who are Paulo and Nikki? GOOD FREAKING QUESTION! The only way the Mailbox knew their names was from reading the Lost Wiki. Two new characters not named Steve or Scott get close enough to the camera, but we don’t know a thing about them. If you only watched the show, you don’t even know their names. TLP, official girlfriend of the Mailbox, said it best: “It’s like on a sitcom, when they trot out new characters because the show is failing and it needs some new blood, but it never works out.”

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I recommend not following the show every week. That way, dropping in on it in an oblivious-to-the-story-arc way makes it all seem much more exciting than (perhaps) it actually is.
DVR is the best thing to happen to TV since Cable!!
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