Tuesday, October 24, 2006

For those that don’t know,
Bully is officially out. Hit the stores last Tuesday. That didn’t matter to a Florida judge.

Before it was released, a crusader against violent video games convinced a judge to block it. Instead of dismissing the case firsthand (as the First Amendment calls for), the judge is going to play it himself to decide how violent it is.

Bully is designed by the same company that did Grand Theft Auto. If you
listen to the designers, however, you’ll hear that the game does not glorify violence at all. There is the potential for mayhem within the game, but reviewers have concluded that it doesn’t glorify violence, but focuses on defending the helpless.

The Mailbox was considering getting the game. Now that it’s found out about this judge, the Mailbox is getting this game with its next paycheck.

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