Sunday, November 05, 2006


A few thoughts on the upcoming election:

~ The Mailbox wishes it could vote for Doug Harpool for state senator. His campaign's DougTV ads are great. And his campaign has been nothing but class: He has attacked his competitor, Sen. Norma Champion, on the issues and nothing else. Champion has resorted to ugly, baseless attacks that say nothing about the issues. Unfortunately, the Mailbox doesn't live in the 30th District...

~ ...It lives in the 20th District, represented by Sen. Dan Clemens. Four years ago, Republicans in the 20th overwhelmingly chose this newcomer over Democrat and former Speaker of the House Jim Kreider, who lived in Nixa. What did Christian County get for its removal of a hometown native? A man who is continually a no-show.

The latest example of Clemens' lack of attention to Christian County happened last week when the Christian County Headliner News and the NixaXpress hosted a candidates' forum in Ozark. Commissioner candidates John Grubaugh and David Stokely showed up. Rep candidates Jay Wasson and Mark Blevins showed up. Senatorial candidate Barbie Kreider Adams showed up. But her opponent, the incumbent Sen. Clemens, didn't bother coming. Headliner editor Donna Osborn does a good job explaining why that is a problem.

Apparently, Clemens loves being a no-show. This is not the first time he's missed important forums with voters -- just ask the League of Women Voters. His campaign site is bereft of opinions and plans of action about many major issues facing Missouri: He has no attitudes on stem cell research, education funding or restoring Medicaid cuts (again, judging from the content on his Web site).

When Republicans launched a vicious attack on Jim Krieder in 2002, they hoped to place a puppet in the Senate, and the Republicans in Christian County fell for it. Clemens has done nothing of value to address Christian County's growth. He also hasn't had the courtesy or common decency to attend a campaign forum. The Mailbox recommends that Christian County Republicans remember this slap in the face and vote for Barbie Kreider Adams. Christian County was better represented when a Kreider was in office.

~ Though the Mailbox has a left-leaning mind, it has always been fiscally conservative, and believed that before the state can establish any new outreach programs, it must be able to afford them. No candidate has better represented that point of view than Dist. 141 Rep. Jay Wasson (no Web site found). He has balanced good fiscal spending with common sense legislation. Though he is proud to be a Republican, he is not a mouthpiece for the party. Many will probably vote for Wasson based on name recognition alone. That's a good thing: There are many good reasons to send Wasson back to the General Assembly to keep up the good work he's doing.

His opponent, Mark Blevins, means well, but the Mailbox can't support a candidate who has so many typos on his Web site.

~ As for Christian County's presiding commissioner, John Grubaugh (no Web site found) will probably walk away with the election. Which is too bad. Grubaugh says the county's coffers have grown under his leadership. Well, duh. The economy is getting better and the commission cut a massive chunk from the sheriff's department in 2003. In the meantime, Christian County -- the fastest growing county in Missouri -- HAS NO RESIDENTIAL BUILDING CODES. Some leadership.

David Stokely believes in bringing in more stakeholders to development issues and upgrading planning and zoning. Of course, Stokely is biased: He has had a front-row seat to watch Christian County's broken growth policies in action.

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