Wednesday, December 20, 2006


It's about freakin' time.

The Christian County Commission, which governs development in the fastest-growing county in Missouri, has decided to appoint a five-member ad hoc committee that will study residential building codes.

The old Nixa-Ozark rivalry may affect this issue and an eventual election. As reported by the Headliner, a recent meeting was filled with interested parties from the western side of the county, including the fire chief and chamber director from Nixa. Western District Commissioner Bill Barnett, who was not at the meeting, is in favor of building codes. His two colleagues, who reside in the eastern side of the county, are not as quick to agree -- they don't OPPOSE building codes, but they are not sure that voters are going to pass them.

Crikey. Do Eastern District Commissioner Tom Huff and Presiding Commissioner John Grubaugh know who's been moving to Ozark? It's good to see the Nixa mindset of government of progressive planning getting a foothold in the Christian County courthouse. The pace may madden some, but at least this is progress. Maybe that good-ol'-boy, we-know-better network in Ozark is on its way out.

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