Wednesday, December 06, 2006


The Mailbox dogged him for staying silent, so the Mailbox should give him credit for talking to the very organization he feared: The local media.

Robert Dupont finally spoke to the Joplin Globe. Reporters Derek Spellman and Andy Ostmeyer interviewed him and used his responses for two stories about the Anderson Guest House fire that killed 10 people.

The Mailbox respects the horrifying situation with which Dupont is dealing. Dupont is a human being, and we're sure takes the loss of those 10 victims personally. However, Dupont said in a hardly hard-hitting interview with Sarah Overstreet that he kept a low profile to avoid talking about his past. He didn't think it was relevant.

The Mailbox begs to differ. His past is particularly relevant -- especially when it comes to his role in running the house.

After a tragedy like this, people want to know how it happened and what can be done to prevent it from happening again. Dupont should have opened up from day one about his role in running the house, whether he was really the director or not and why such an electrical fire, which could so completely and utterly demolish a house, was able to occur. Dupont told the Globe that his wife was the executive director. Any documents that show him as the ED are in error, thanks to attorneys' gaffes. But a former board member for River of LIfe Ministries alleges Dupont gave direction to his wife about how to run the facility.

The key issue is responsibility. Who is going to own up to being in charge? An investigation has shown the cause of the fire was accidental -- not arson. It's a tragic accident, but an accident nonetheless. Will the responsible party step forward, or will higher authorities have to point the finger?

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