Wednesday, December 27, 2006


And the Mailbox is inclined to agree.

This week's issue of the Christian County Headliner News features an editorial about Presiding Commissioner John Grubaugh and his reluctance to accept a petition of citizens endorsing building codes. According to the commission's legal council, such a petition could be null and void, despite the approval of the county clerk and county prosecutor. However, they won't share a copy of the opinion (which would contain reasons why a petition is null and void) with the public.

The Headliner asks the most relevant question: "Why?"

The Mailbox speculated that the good-ol'-boy network may be headed out the door. Looks like it's putting up a fight. Residential building codes are coming. Along with them, more progressive ideas for managing the county's growth. If Grubaugh can't change with the times, the times will change him.

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