Tuesday, January 30, 2007


OK, this is admittedly old, but I laughed anyway. Michelle, official friend of the Mailbox, posted this video on her blog. I can only hope that some of the talking heads in Joplin are as creative and fearless.

The Mailbox is a big fan of the original "Lazy Sunday." For the most part, the video is funny, despite being painful at parts. Best part: "And I'm gone like Snyder!" The line about Dowe and Justice was pretty funny, too. Apparently, the Mailbox has a lot to learn about Joplin's Medialand (with apologies to Ron Davis).

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i love this. it's creative, first of all. it's so nice to see someone with some personality! and one of the second things i thought about..."geez, that took a lot of time!"
Maybe it is the low rated talk stations I work at or the old white-hippie in me but I thought that was going to be a version of Small Faces' "Lazy Sunday." Very cool.
It's really great to see people who don't take themselves too seriously.
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