Thursday, January 25, 2007


It's been nice getting back into reporting. As of today, I've spent nine days as a reporter for the Joplin Globe. I'm covering the education beat, which is an area of government I've always enjoyed covering. In my experience, it's the one bureaucracy that people care about. The new position forces changes to the blog, however.

A little history: Some of my friends have a penchant for sending me strange stories. I also have a head for retaining absolutely stupid things and developing opinions about them. Kinda like George Will writing a column about how Greedo shooting first is revisionist history.

So the Mailbox was born. It started as a weekly humor column in the now-defunct Nixa News-Enterprise. Basically, the Mailbox was an anthromorphized receptacle that held all these weird bits of info and opinions. I was the medium throwing the cheesecloth and calling it ectoplasm. Eventually, the Mailbox started this blog and continued its weirdness. After I left the paper and became a copy editor/page designer for the Globe, I missed writing. So the Mailbox got more serious: It ranted, opined and wailed about all the injustice, whatever.

Since the move to Joplin, I haven't known exactly what to do with this blog. I thought I wanted to report news with it, but there are already so many other bloggers that do news better than me, to the point where I don't want to join the cacophony. I also thought I wanted to plaster my opinions here, but that won't help me do my job. So I'm returning this blog to its roots. A return of the Mailbox, all Lord of the Rings style. The Mailbox is going to cover what it finds interesting: Weird news, interesting issues, occasional debates about the media, the New Orleans Saints, video games, movies, TV, music, geeky things and how wonderful TLP is.

If you're looking for juicy gossip about the Globe's employees or KOAM's talking heads, look elsewhere. If you want to know where Michelle Sherwood is hanging out or what Greg Holman is cooking, click to the side. If you're looking for rants about Nixa and a smoking ban, or Christian County and building codes, they won't be here anymore. The Mailbox used to be a fun humor column, and I'd like it to return to that.

Take a gander at the links to the side: Those will change a little bit. Also, visit my fellow bloggers. They work much harder on their blogs than I do on mine.

Enjoy, and leave comments.

I can't wait to see where the blog goes from here, and embrace a return to humor and wit with a trace of sarcasm and satire.

What happened to the Nixa News-Enterprise?
The Nixa News-Enterprise is now the NixaXpress, a weekly alt-tab publication that is now delivered for free to residents' mailboxes.

I'll e-mail you the rest of the story.
Education??? Cool!!
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