Monday, January 29, 2007


Um, yeah. Yawn.

So Vista, the new Windows OS, is supposed to be as graphically beautiful as Mac's OS X. It retails for $100-$400. And it's going to cause everybody to upgrade to DirectX10, buy new motherboards and be ticked off that they STILL can't run World of Warcraft while copying and burning DVDs of Ghost Rider with Nicholas Cage.

I can't say I'm going to rush out and buy it. I'm hardly excited. Heck, if I were a software pirate, I wouldn't be excited about stealing it. Seriously: Look at the demo. Their introduction piece does nothing but advertise the different software packages. It doesn't explain how Vista is easier, more efficient or worth the upgrade at all. Those of you who use Macs know the truth: Mac's OS improved things like MOVING FILES from one folder to another. It's just a better system. Vista is finally catching up to where OS X is. Not like Apple is doing anything to advance its OS. Too busy with iPods, I guess.

The most bizarre thing about the release was Bill Gates appearing on The Daily Show. Jon Stewart tried his best to joke with the guy and talk to him, but it didn't work. Gates ended up leaving the set before the cameras faded.

Of course, with Windows releasing Vista, that means Mac will have to compete. That means watching more of these tools.

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Gates was on CNN this morning, too. And I'd compare the back and forth chatter to a limp fish handshake.

Bill, stay off the tube and go spread your money around with Melinda. Thanks.
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