Wednesday, March 14, 2007


This week's gripe is just a continuation of last week's gripe, since this week's episode confirmed the fact that Locke is a bleeding moron. After Locke attempted to keep Sayid out of his backpack, it's discovered that Locke kept a nice little brick of C-4. Read last week's gripe again.

What, you want a new one? OK, fine. Charlie must be crazy in love, because you'd have to be crazy to love a woman like Claire. After Charlie appeared non-committal about her bird plan, she flipped out to almost the same degree as when Charlie went crazy and kidnapped Aaron. Sheesh! How about some perspective?

On the other side of the coin, this week's episode was pretty kick-butt. We finally got confirmation that Claire and Jack are siblings. And we see Jack in a new situation: Playing a little football with ol' Zeke. The promo promised that next week we would see how Locke got into that wheelchair. The promos are notoriously bad for overpromising (which affects the show's ratings and fan base), however. Wait and see...

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