Wednesday, March 14, 2007


So the Mailbox is watching Lost on KSPR-TV, trying to clean the kitchen during the commercials, when it heard something that grates its nerves: "Tonight on (the news), you'll see a report YOU WON'T SEE ANYWHERE ELSE..." Sure enough, during said report on the news, anchor Kyle Bosch repeated the phrase.

This bugs the Mailbox because No.1, it will precede a sensational story that's not really news. If it were news (a euphemism for "if it was important"), it would be on all the stations. The story was about Strafford middle school girls not being allowed to bring purses to class. The horror. It's not news.

No. 2, it's pointless advertising to say you'll see this report only on this station. The reason to say something like that during commercials is to draw viewers to the news. Only journalists switch channels back and forth while the news is on. The rest of the sane world keeps the station where it is. With that in mind, saying the "only seen here" phrase is either desperate wankery or illusions of grandeur.

Petty gripe here? Yeah, pretty petty.

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Oh, wait that's our sister station now (pending FCC ok).

Unfortunately, those are the tactics of poorly-rated stations desperate for viewers.

I wish them the best for better ratings and expect good things from them... but that's a bit funny.
Do I see a molehill?
DAMMIT! That is a MOUNTAIN, not a molehill! :)
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